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Those Talks

With Martin away for a business trip, and our nanny visiting family in the United States, I am completely on my own with the kids this week. Just on Monday morning alone, I dealt with a missing permission slip crisis, a tick discovery followed by tick removal that sounded like major surgery without anesthesia, school drop-off, and a “sprint” to my own appointments and meetings at my full-time job until I had to dash back home to get the girls to their spring music concert.

And the frantic pace continued today. 

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Behind the Scenes

Photo of Miss C and Martin from 2005 … because I’m full of hormones and feeling sentimental.

Because she’s going to German school next year, this upcoming formal dance may be the only one of its kind for Miss C.

So, we allowed her to ask one of her friends (a fellow American in our village who used to attend the same school) to be her date. Strictly as friends, but as expected, Martin isn’t very enthusiastic: he was shocked when he saw Miss C trying on my formal dresses, and he’s pretended not to be supportive any time the subject came up.

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The Teenager

She’s a teen now.

Not a preteen. Not a tween.

But a teenager.

I feel like I should say that Martin and I are completely knocked over by this, but the truth is, we were a lot more emotional when she turned ten. Weepy — a little — when she turned five, but ten really did it to us. Something about the double digits, the necessity of both hands to display her age, the idea that an entire decade passed since she was born.

It seemed inconceivable.

But 13? Nah. We’ve known this was coming.

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Tween Life

My neighbor and I both have tween girls in middle school, and yesterday’s “driveway huddle” reminded me so much of these SNL characters!

Our conversation went like …

“I love, love, LOVE my daughter! Seriously, she is THE BEST! … But sometimes?”

*drops voice to whisper*

“Sometimes, she can be, like, really annoying, and I’m like, are you seriously my daughter right now?”



That Moment

That moment during Facetime when my girl tells me a boy asked her to the Halloween dance.

And he was serious.

I felt much better when she said she explained she’s not allowed to “go out” yet, but she will save a dance with him at the event.

“But Mom,” she said, “I intend on hanging out by the snack bar most of the time anyway.”




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