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Our Day

Me and the boy, goofing around with PhotoBooth back in October


I came home from class this evening with only minutes to spare before Jaz’s bedtime.

Not only have I been working later, but when I *do* get home, I go straight to bed. I haven’t really seen or talked to my boy since Sunday. So, I was feeling pretty guilty when Martin sent him to me for a quick hug.

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Monday Fashion

On Mondays, we wear red, purple, and denim.

Because we wear pink on Wednesdays. (Ha, ha!)

I got an earlier-than-normal start to my day today, which meant syncing up with my oldest as she got ready for school. It was fun having a sounding board to chat hair, clothes, and make-up!

She’s at the right height and size to start wearing some of my smaller clothes now … obviously the ones that do not fit me at the moment. This happens unintentionally sometimes. Her Dad gets confused because everything looks the same to him now. So, her items end up in my closet, and my items end up in hers ALL THE TIME.

As life speeds up and gets crazier, I’m thankful for these moments with my kiddo.

First Purchase

Ahhh, that sweet satisfaction of making your first big purchase with your own money. He saved everything in his Minion wallet, and was able to buy a big pack of cookies at the American commissary.

Got his own receipt and “new money for my wallet, Mom!”

He was so proud of himself! He didn’t even complain about having to wait until after dinner to open them, and then he offered some up to his sisters on his own.


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