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The Today Show and Going to Berlin

Last week, I was incredibly busy.

The news organization NBC was here, because the ‘Today’ show decided to do some live broadcasts from the base. Of course, that meant more work for me, but I didn’t mind. Ann Curry was the anchor who came over, and it was really very interesting to work with her, and to see all the behind-the-scenes activities that must take place for a live broadcast.


My office did everything from making sure the crew had all the resources needed, we set up interviews for the show, advertised the heck out of it so troops and their families would come down to wave the homemade signs in the background, and much, much more.

Like I said, Ann Curry was very nice and personable, although she was tiny, tiny, tiny and made the rest of us look like cows. (Proof is the photo left.) But, she really did go out of her way to talk with the families, shake their hands and get photos taken with as many folks as possible.

Our office was sort of “home base” for her the few days she was here, so it was incredibly surreal to look over my desk as I worked, and see her using the telephone across from me. She also talked with us about journalism, her brother (who was in the Air Force), and her professional advice. She also granted us an interview for our newspaper and AFN television station, too, which was awesome. We also got a bunch of Today Show items from the producers. That was cool.

It was a very neat experience, and my Mom did report that she DID see me on television.

That weekend, I jumped on a train to Berlin to visit my friend, Pamela. THAT was a much-needed break, and I was finally able to give her the bridesmaid dress. 

(Now, all the females, including myself, have their dresses for the wedding!) 

I’ve been to Berlin before, but this time, I made it to Checkpoint Charlie, which is really nothing more than a wooden building surrounded by sandbags in the middle of the road now. I also did got in some shopping and visited a really ‘happenin’ bar. 

It was a blast, and I hated to leave. But alas, here I am, back at work, writing articles, doing interviews and other Public Affairs duties.

Julie and Martin: Great Night

There are some days when my job can be really bad. And then there’s other days when my job can be really good.

Today, my day was REALLY good.

A show came to Ramstein, featuring country western singers Clint Black and Shane Minor, some cheerleaders, comedian Al Franken and a few other ‘celebrities.’ I had worked this same show which was a free morale show for the servicemembers and their families here. I was relieved, though, to learn that all the celebrities were really nice, down-to-earth people, like Jewel, who I had the opportunity to meet at last year’s show.

Even though I am NOT a country-western fan in ANY sense of the word. Well, all that changed when I approached Shane Minor and he said, “Hey, you were here last year, weren’t you? I remember you!”

I’m sure you can all imagine how big my head got at that moment. A country music star remembers me???

Suddenly, I seemed to notice what a little cutie he was, and how GREAT his cologne smelled. Ahhhhhhh…..the birth of a new #1 fan.

He was a great interview and I got a nice photo with him, as you can see.


I then got to kid around with Al Franken, who’s a hilarious comedian.

And of course, I got to rub elbows with Mr. Clint Black.

Now, let me say again that I am NOT a country-western fan (although Shane Minor’s cologne will make any engaged women reconsider), but Clint Black’s songs take me back to 1990-1991 when my family drove cross-country to Texas.

When I heard him sing ‘Killing Time‘ tonight, in my mind, I was instantly taken to the backseat of my family’s 1986 silver Toyota van, smelling dead Texas skunk as we searched for a cactus-free area to take a pee-stop at.

Why my parents thought young sisters could behave during an 18-hour drive is beyond me, but it was nice to remember that.


That’s my coworker Robyn and me with Janet Cohen, wife of the former Secretary of Defense.

Anyway, it was a great night, one of the finer moments that come with my job.

Julie and Martin: Doing Good

The birthday boy and me from this summer

Martin’s birthday was yesterday. Thinking I might have to work this weekend, we celebrated this past weekend at my house, with dinner, movies and shopping!

Anyway, yesterday, Martin was bombarded with phone calls and emails from well-wishers, and his troops serenaded him throughout the day and he was presented with candy, and lots of alcohol. This weekend, I actually DO NOT have to work (YEA!), so I’m driving to his house, where his family will get together and celebrate some more. As for my work environment, Ramstein’s held the media’s interest for a long time.

Check out the news for one of the major media’s articles on us. The attention is good, but it means more work for the office, so everyone’s a little stretched thin in all areas.

But, I’m STILL happy to be here and VERY proud to be directly involved in letting the world know about what America is doing, in particularly, the airdrop missions. Being able to stand next to a huge stack of the yellow food packages, knowing in a few hours they will be landing in Afghanistan to help feed the refugees….that’s something very few other people can claim. Way cool.

News, News, News

Very stressful day today. 

Now that ALL of media knows about these airdrops, my day has been filled with calls from AP, CNN, ABCNEWS, MSNBC NEWS and just about every other news service in this world.

Oh, and I’m also busy working on the base newspaper. It’s nuts, and it will be crazier the more we do the airdrops. I must say, though, it is pretty cool being on the side of the flightline when the aircraft is taking off, it’s wings dipping with the weight of all those packages, the engines roar echoing off the nearby buildings. 

We also had some fighters fly in today, and the air fills with the smell of jet fuel almost immediately. The roar of THOSE planes is even more deafening, and each time, a feeling of ‘HOO-RAH AMERICA!’ runs through my veins.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the endless tasks brought on by all this action….but really, I’m so glad to be here. I know I have a lot of great stories to tell everyone.

Going into Afghanistan

Today was VERY busy here for me.

It was SUPPOSE to be a four-day holiday for me, today especially, since its Columbus day. But not so for this airman.

Oh, no.

I was up and at work by 7 a.m. That’s because the United States is beginning to KICK SOME ASS and help others in the process.

You see, America not only dropped some bombs and missles on those deserving, but we also dropped tons of food for those stuck in Afghanistan. And the planes flew back to Ramstein Air Base. Of course, media from around the world wanted the photo, wanted the story, so as the public affairs office, we had to make that happen for them. Just like all the other major media events held here, it was cold and rainy. I think I caught the flu, because as I write this, my head is spinning and I feel really warm.

But that’s nothing a little NyQuil won’t handle.

Anyway, I was behind the scenes, helping set up for the press conference of the flight crew when they came back. It was really cool. Our planes were huge and stocked with food when they left, and came back empty, but most importantly, safe and sound. Mission accomplished. I have to laugh when I hear that those mo’ fo’ Taliban freaks are claiming we are ‘terrorist attacking’ them, when I know we just dropped tons and tons of food specially prepared for the Islamic diet because the Taliban is so stuck up its own butt, it doesn’t take care of its people……anyway, enough editorializing…. The thing is, I never saw these jerks fly in medical supplies and food after they attacked the crap out of our buildings.

So, I think America’s true intentions were made ever more clear by these two airdrops. And the fact I was a part of allowing the world to see this….that’s very cool. We are showing the world that we are NOT attacking the Afghanistans. Most of the Taliban is made up of outsiders who were kicked out of their own countries. Those people are truly innocent, victims of a warped government, which we will destroy, of course. We didn’t drop food out of pity, but to help and give them hope….something all of us could use every now and then.


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