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Saturday Morning

A quiet moment from earlier this morning. They were adding Elton John hits to the kids’ music playlist after L discovered his “Too Low for Zero” album.

As we are trying to get the house in order, Martin wasn’t thrilled when these two dragged their new “spaceship” into the living room in the middle of our clean-up efforts. “That needs to be out with the trash!” exclaimed Martin. “But we are RECYCLING it!” his daughter responded. “We are saving the planet!” Well, you can’t argue with that!

Master Builder

My son and his buddies at school built that block column yesterday. From here on out, he’s responsible for setting up our IKEA furniture.

I felt like Forest Gump when Martin showed me these pictures. “You mean, he’s smaht? And not…like me?”

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Made It

We made it to June! And I finally got a “bump photo” with Martin in it.

This week, I’ve had my final medical appointments, and tomorrow is my last day at work. This was the time when I went into labor with my son three weeks before his due date, so we’re all kinda holding our breath, hoping to stick to schedule this time.

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