Road Trip

I love this lady so much! We headed west, and stayed the night with Stacey and her family. For those who follow us, you know she’s a crazy talented writer/agent, and mom to five amazing girls, to include our former au pair, Wynter. They had dessert waiting for us, and didn’t judge us when we […]

Wynter is Leaving

After more than 13 months working as our family au pair, Wynter is leaving us. Long before the sun rises tomorrow morning, we’re making the trek to the airport to see her off as she returns to her family in Northern Virginia. We’re not really sure what we’re going to do with ourselves in her […]

Cheddar Pretzels and Rainbows

He doesn’t remember the cheddar pretzels. We always had a bag of them in the pantry when we lived in the States. The kids snacked on them all the time. But they don’t sell them over here. And it is stupid expensive to order them online. So, we’ve gone without for 2.5 years.

Nice Bow

My coworker lost a bet, and is now wearing a giant red-and-white polka dot Minnie Mouse bow here at the office. Because we are located in the attic of a building with no elevators, we RARELY get visitors. We can go FOR WEEKS without anyone coming up to see us. But guess who just got […]

Quick Trip to DC

I was sent to Washington DC for a short-notice two-day training session that left me with very little down time, but I managed to catch up with these ladies … and a strawberry margarita. I will forever be grateful for having the kind of friends who will drop everything and change their plans, and even […]

Flashback Friday: Ghosts and Gab

A visitor from the United States arrived this week.  We call her Sy, and she’s the daughter of my friend Stacey, who I’ve mentioned more than a few times here on the blog. I’ve known Stacey for years, but what’s really crazy is that this month marks the third anniversary of when I first met her in person. […]


  We’ve been living in a hotel for more than a week. It feels like we’ve been here much longer than that, though. It’s all been a blur. We checked into the hotel the day the movers drove off with all our belongings. The next day, we enjoyed a nice day of swimming in the […]

Thanksgiving 2014

  We went up into the mountains to spend Thanksgiving with our friend Stacey and Company. They live up in the mountains of Northern Virginia, and their whole neighborhood was covered in a few inches of snow, which made for a beautiful scenic drive up there.  Her husband Bryan and five daughters prepared an amazing dinner, […]

Colors and a Book

[dropcap style=”color: #9b9b9b;”]O[/dropcap]h my goodness, what a weekend. The weather was gorgeous, the colors were vivid. On Sunday, my friend Stacey had a booksigning event over in Winchester, Virginia, so Miss C and I hopped in the car and set forth to visit with her. Every time we crested a hill, the two of us […]