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The Arrival

One last photo as a family of five. Plus Kiwi the Cat.


Last Monday morning moved along like any other. One by one, the kids got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and left the house to catch the bus for school, giving us hugs and kisses before they said good-bye as if it were like any other day.

But of course, it wasn’t like any other ordinary day because we were scheduled to deliver our fourth child just a few hours later.

And that’s definitely not ordinary.

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The Night Before

My last meal before the fasting begins after midnight. A chocolate-banana-peanut butter smoothie served in a cup with a fat panda stuffing its face on it. It could not be more fitting.

Also, shout-out to Martin for driving 20 kilometers to the only store open today to get the bananas. Grocery stores are closed on Sundays, except for the store at the airport. I really had my heart set on this smoothie, so away he went. It helped to remind him that’s the last pregnancy errand he’ll ever have to run in his life.

That’s a crazy idea, isn’t it?¬†

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Family and a Face Plant

Martin’s brother is here with his girls, so there are 9.5 people in the house at this very moment. And I love it. The noise. The energy. Air mattresses and blankets everywhere. And there will be even more visitors coming thru in the weeks and months ahead.

Love having so many of my favorite people around me.

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Pre-Op Prep

1:14 p.m. –¬†Kinda hard to check in for a *scheduled* pre-op/registration appointment at the hospital when NOBODY shows up for work. Someone yelled out from an office that we will be seen soon, but it is a ghost town. I made Martin smile for the picture. Can you tell he’s super proud of German customer service?

Lunch. The admins were out to lunch. Yea!!!!

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